Europe and the Caucasus

Ukraine, Turkey and Georgia  


Our experience in Ukraine is broad, deep and thorough. During the past 15 years our specialists have provided legal advice to international investors, helped develop small business resource and training centers and worked to combat the theft of intellectual property in the agricultural protection sector. We understand the difficulties for businesses and investors in Ukraine and our network has a comprehensive understanding of public/private partnerships, tourism, business and agriculture investment.


We helped to spark the eco-tourism movement which is now growing in strength and which forms the core of our Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program. The program design was completed in 2012 implementation began in early 2013. Planned to eventually encompass all the countries surrounding the Black Sea, this program aims to promote investment rural, sustainable economic development on an integrated, regional basis. In the future, Vesselka will develop a branded chain of eco-lodges beginning with Turkey and Georgia and linking to lodge destinations in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania.


We partner with the Union for the Support of Green Tourism of Ukraine, the World Wildlife Fund - Turkey and the Georgia National Tourism Adminstration.


In education, our specialist designed and implemented a plan to expand the market for international study and work programs developing a partnership program with universities and students to expand the market position of the firm.

In Georgia, we represent a major mineral and spring water company expanding operations in the US and the Gulf.


Western Europe and the Balkans  


Vesselka Consulting shares the vision and goals of the European project. We have an extensive network of specialists in Europe which can address most business and investment challenges from design of technical parks to satellite communications and remote monitoring.


In Croatia and Serbia, our consultants helped establish efficient cadastre and title registration offices by re-engineering business processes and clarifying land tenure principles to provide security of tenure to land owners and investors.


Land issues are a key concern in the expanded EU and one of our key team membersspecialists has spent an entire career in land tenure and registration as senior management in Registers of Scotland where he led the development of the single handling of complex registration applications and served as the Secretary General of the European Union Land Registers Association. He also helped develop with us and our Albanian partner streamlined and inexpensive software solution for land administration and management.

We know and understand EU norms and regulations as well as the business environment in the Balkans. Our experience extends to all the Balkan countries and includes working with the governments of Kosovo and FYR Macedonia to engineer new, quasi-governmental agencies to improve business processes and transparency to address corruption. In Bulgaria we are establishing a network of community based eco-tourism products to tie in with our Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program.




We are increasing our presence in Turkey through our work in sustainable tourism together with our partners World Wildlife Fund (Turkey) and colleagues in Istanbul. Our work is concentrated in the seven districts adjoining the Black Sea and we can provide feasibility studies and implementation of eco-tourism efforts.